The Rockdale Chamber of Commerce is a community based, non-profit organization designed to help build the business community. Our dedication is first and foremost to our members and businesses; we are also passionate about the community as a whole.

We strive to make sure that our businesses are successful and that we unify the public spirit of our community. Our mission is to preserve and promote the economic interest & well-being of Rockdale. We complete our mission every day by working with all other entities and community groups in Rockdale with the same version.

According to Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Association, "The Chamber gives members a place where they can become engaged, sharing a vision for the future of their community and sharing the collective influence to make it happen."

At the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, we believe in these statements and uphold the integrity and poise to be a valued organization within our community. Citizens have a responsibility to join the Chamber of Commerce as a sense of personal obligation to make a positive difference in their community.

Another role of the Chamber is that we serve as our communities Visitor Center. This gives us a responsibility to bring visitors and tourists into our community to visit our historical sites, engage in scheduled events, stay in our hotels, shop our stores and dine in our restaurants.


Rockdale Volunteer Fire Department
Ward Roddam

301 N Wilcox St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567
(512) 446-2162

The Rockdale Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1872, since that time, the City of Rockdale has been protected by volunteers who dedicate their time to serving and protecting others.

The department is located at 301 North Wilcox and houses, 4 Engines, 2 Brush Trucks, 1 Rescue Truck, 1 Command Unit, and 1 Air Trailer. The department is fully staffed with 50 dedicated volunteers, including 1 Chief, 3 Assistant Chiefs, 4 Captains, 4 Lieutenants and 1 Safety Officer. The department also has executive officers as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chaplain.

The department also has a Ladies Auxiliary who works alongside firefighters serving the City of Rockdale. The Ladies Auxiliary provides rehab support, along with numerous other vital functions for the department.

RVFD trains locally every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, as well as conducting their own yearly fire school and sending personnel to Texas A&M Fire School. The department responds to an average of 275 calls per year, and is trained to perform not only firefighting duties, but automobile extrication, medical support, high/low angle rescue, water rescue, hazardous materials calls, and many other types of emergencies.

The leadership promotes a family atmosphere, and can be summed up as a group of individuals who have joined together as a team to support others in their time of need.

The departments has three main mottos: 1) Everyone Goes Home 2) Risk a Little to Save a Little, and Risk A Lot to Save A Lot! 3) We Train to Survive!


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